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We’re obsessed with the Valentine’s Day Play Date These Moms Have Planned For Their Children

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Every day can be a chance to plan something unique when you have an event-planning business like Marlan Willardson and Lauren LaRocca of Twink + Sis. The two of them used their talents to organize a Valentine’s Day party for their children, Brixton (3 years old) and Mila (4 years old). What was the theme? The theme? Hearts on hearts on heart! It’s so easy to put it together!

The Cutest Little Kids Table

LaRocca states, “We had so many fun with the colors, and embraced Valentine’s Day using every shade of pink and red,”

Kraft Paper Tablecloth

LaRocca explains that we used a long piece of kraft paper to cover the tablecloth. We added hearts in different sizes and colors. This is something you can easily recreate at home. Layering is key. Use a mixture of larger pre-cut hearts and smaller ones cut with a puncher to make layers. The simple school glue was used to attach the hearts to the Kraft paper. We then draped the tablecloth over the small table for the kids using the same technique.

The Whimsical Chair Decor

LaRocca says that the sheepskin throws were used to decorate their chairs, adding a cute and luxurious touch. Also, giant heart balloons were made by Bonjour Fete.

A cake for kids

LaRocca says that the centerpiece is a homemade, gluten-free vanilla cake. “The beet dye was a great way to make the buttercream frosting pink naturally.”

The Table Setting

Meri Meri’s plates, napkins and cups were adorable and made cleanup easy.

Pink lemonade and heart-shaped snacks were must-haves.

LaRocca states, “We always try to have fresh flowers element and this time it was from my backyard.” The coral camellias added the perfect touch of in-season color to the table and cake.

Valentines were made by the kids for their dads. It was so sweet!

A homemade Valentine

This one is made from construction paper hearts and stickers.

Play Date Activity

Cutest play date idea ever? We believe so!

Marlan Willardson, Twink + Sis. Design, Photography and Cake

Plates, napkins & cups: Meri Meri via Bonjour Fete

Bonjour Fete: XO Garland & Giant Heart Boutoons

Paper, Ribbons, Stickers, Paper Hearts, and Heart Straws: Paper Source

Heart Cookies: Thyme Cafe and Market

Table and Chairs: The Land of Nod

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