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Essentials for Beginners in Hand Sewing

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I have rediscovered my love for hand sewing and can confirm the many benefits. It slows down, allows you to enjoy the process and fills in time that you would otherwise have to wait.

There are some things that make all the difference in any craft. These are essential supplies that you will want to learn about. I personally love one that is relatively new, but it is a game-changer.

1. Sharp Scissors and Snips

You need a sharp pair of scissors. You need a pair that is small, but sharp enough to cut thread easily. They don’t have to be shaped like an stork. However, it helps to remember that these scissors are special and should be kept with your hand sewing tools. Make sure you have a sheath for your pair.

2. Hoops for embroidery

An embroidery hoop for beginners is necessary to sew most types of hand-sewing. This will help you create neat, even stitches by holding the fabric taut. A variety of sizes is a good idea. For beginners, inexpensive plastic hoops can be great. You may be able to upgrade to more expensive wooden hoops as you become more proficient. Or you can leave it as is.

3. Thimble

A thimble, one of those personal items, is a sewing tool. It should fit comfortably on your finger so that you can easily use the needle and thread. You will have to search for the right thimble on your own. There are many to choose from at quilt shows, sewing shops and Etsy. It’s amazing how many there are, and it’s easy to see why people love them. A beautiful thimble is a great gift idea for a friend who sews. A lot of thimbles are more expensive and come with small storage cases. I find this very useful as I have lost almost as many as I own.

4. Thread Conditioner

Thread conditioner is a must-have for hand sewing. This product is a game-changer in my life. This product prevents your thread from twisting when hand sewing. When I hand-smocked in the past, I used beeswax. It did not prevent my threads twisting or knotting. Thread conditioner does! It is essential for hand sewing.

5. Magnetic Needle Case

You should get a magnetic needle case as soon as possible if you don’t already have one. They are very affordable (Joanns has a coupon for $2-$3). Another game-changing sewing item is this one. My project will no longer be stabbed when I reach for it in the bag. There are no more lost needles, even though they were in the fabric in an hoop. All needles have been returned to their cases and I can now see what I have.

6. You need a bag to carry your hand sewing supplies

This Zippered Box Pouch was designed for hand sewing. This pouch holds my small hoop and all of my hand sewing supplies, including thread conditioner, thimbles, needle cases, and my scissors. It can be stuffed into most purses or bags, so you can carry your hand-sewn projects when you are out. You don’t need to have anything extravagant, a Ziplock bag can do the job.

Hand sewing is a rewarding activity for me. When you are on the move, projects can be carried easily. You can make many different projects with the supplies you have available.

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