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Beautiful DIY Furniture Transformations by GMA’s Lara Spencer

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These tips by Lara Spencer, Good Morning America host and DIY pro, will help you transform an inherited piece of furniture into something that you can use every single day.

Cabriole-Leg End table: Before

This belonged to my husband’s great grandmother. His extended family was my first encounter with him. It was Thanksgiving a few weeks following Nanny’s death. I can recall sipping on the drink as I talked to them. Taryn Mohrman is Woman’s Day Lifestyle Director. “I would love to see this in my living room. It is mostly traditional but with a few modern touches.”

“This is the perfect candidate to have a facelift. It’s dated due to the shape of its legs and the finish. However, it is well-built from solid wood. We will need to replace the top with straight-edged, marble and change the color to something current. Also, we will need some pulls.

Cabriole Leg End Table: After

What to do?

1. Take out the drawer and handles. If possible, remove the tabletop. Sand the surface with fine steel cloth and then fill in any nicks using wood putty. Resand the surface once it dries (after approximately a day).

2. Two to three coats of satin-finish acrylic spray paint (we used Benjamin Moore’s Timber Wolf at $39.99 per gallon on benjaminmoore.com) and let dry for at least half an hour between coats. Note: Let paint dry completely before applying.

3. Have a piece of marble (we used 3/4 -inch-thick honed Carrara marble with a 3/8 -inch round edge; for similar: $36.75 per square foot; stonetileliquidators.com) or another surface cut to the tabletop’s dimensions, or a little wider to create a new shape.

4. Glue the marble using a strong adhesive (we used GE Iron Grip Silicone Multipurpose Adhesive, $7.98; Home Depot.com). Let dry.

5. Attach new hardware (we used Hex copper handles, starting at $10.95 per; cb2.com).

TOTAL COST about $300

Cool Drawer Pulls

1. Hickory Hardware Luster Crysacrylic 5 Center Bar Pull, $13.32; wayfair.com

2. Threshold Gathered brass pull, $11.99; Target.com

3. Mollarp Handle, $8.99 for two; ikea.com

Spice-Jar Table Lamp

“My grandparents were Italian immigrants. They traveled the world through hard work and thrifty living. Annemarie Conte (Executive Editor at Woman’s Day) says that they loved Asia and that this lamp reflects their love. “I live in the house they used and I want to honor them while updating the decor. Although this lamp isn’t my style, I would love to use it!

“Let’s paint the details! This could be used as an accent piece to add color and zing to a room. You will need a modern base and a cheerful color to make it stand out. A fun finial is the final touch.

Spice-Jar Table Lamp

What to do?

1. Take out the bottom disc and wires.

2. Sand off any painted or bumpy areas.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and spray the lamp with 2 to 3 light coats glossy paint. We used Krylon Fusion in Gloss Sunbeam Yellow at $5.49 per container; truevalue.com Spray again, sand off any drops and allow to dry.

4. For 6-in. lamps, we used Antique Finish Disc Solid Brass Lamp base, $27.60. ; antiquelampsupply.com).

5. Install a new shade or finial (we used Blue Mist Giclee Lamp Shield, $69.99; lampsplus.com) and Swarovski Champagne crystal Ball Lamp Shade Finial at $24.99; lampsplus.com

TOTAL COST about $140

Great Lamp Toppers

1. Quartz Obelisk Finial $19; ballarddesigns.com

2. Mario Industries Black Round Ceramic Ball Lamp Finial; $13.71 at homedepot.com

3. Faux Ivory Elephant Finial FL18, $18.99; lampsusa.com

Victorian-Era Settee: Before

Kim Cheney, Woman’s Day Executive Editor, states that her family sold their 1800s stone home after my grandfather died. This settee is one thing I have that reminds me of it. Although the fabric is worn and springs have sprung, I would like to keep it. It is very important to me that the fabric lasts.

“I don’t like to harm antiques so we have to be careful with this one. We shouldn’t alter the wood because the settee is sentimental. Let’s take off the varnish and refinish the wood. Then, let’s have professional upholstery and repairs done. A fabric that is a nod towards the past, such as a rich velvet, but in bold colors, such as bright orange, is what I prefer.

Victorian-Era Settee: After

What to do?

1. Use pliers for removing nail heads and removing old fabric and staples.

2. Wear a mask and solvent-proof gloves in a well ventilated area. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply a stripping solution (like Citristrip; $11.98 per quart; homedepot.com), and steel wool to remove varnish. Allow to dry overnight.

3. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to clean wood with mineral spirits (like Klean Strip Mineral Spirits at $7.28 a quart; homedepot.com), and a steel brush. Let dry.

4. Use a dry, clean cloth to test the stain (we used Minwax Red Mahogany Wood Finish at $4.34 per Half-pint; Walmart.com). Next, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the stain to the remaining wood. Let dry.

5. Redo your springs and upholstery with a professional (for similar work: Hudson 43 Upholstery Velvet fabric in Orange, $24.99/yard; joann.com).

TOTAL COST about $600

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