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20+ Mother’s Day Crafts Your Kids Can Make

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It depends on the age of your child and how much they have to spend, there’s a chance that they won’t buy your Mother’s Day gift. This is not a bad thing. What parent (or grandparent!) doesn’t want to wake up to a thoughtfully written card and a homemade gift for mom? What parent (or grandparent) doesn’t love to see their child make a homemade gift for mom? There are many fun activities for children that can double as Mother’s Day gifts. It’s the thought that matters, right?

These DIY Mother’s Day crafts can be pretty and handy. They’re also great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. These easy crafts are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. They also make great gifts for grandmas, moms, and other mother figures in your child’s life. Don’t forget to include a thoughtful Mother’s Day card!

Flower Petal Change Bowl

This catchall is made from oven baked clay. Kids can layer smaller flowers on top of larger ones, and then add a few plastic beads to the bottom. Bake until firm.

Giant Sugar Cookie

This huge sugar cookie is one of the best homemade gifts.

Get the Giant Sugar Cookie Bouquet recipe.

Mini Spring Succulent Planters

Are you still storing plastic Easter eggs? You can turn them into adorable succulent planters!

Learn the tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life.

Pop-Up Paper Hands

These handmade cards will be treasured by Mom.

Learn more at The House That Lars Built.

Mother’s Day Crown

Mom’s a queen, so doesn’t she deserve a crown? This Mother’s Day, add sparkle to your look with pom poms and chenille stems.

Design Improvised offers a tutorial.

DIY Mousepad

A DIY mousepad from cork and fabric will give Mom something beautiful to look at while she is working.

Purely Katie has the tutorial.

Love Tree

To make a Mother’s Day centerpiece, fill a vase with your backyard branches and hang individual paper ornaments from card stock and thread. Add a sweet note to express your love for her!

Painted Kitchen Utensils

Make inexpensive wooden kitchen utensils and then let the children draw their own self-portraits using food-safe markers and paint. These will look great displayed in your kitchen!

DIY Face Mask

Your sewing skills will impress Mom! To keep her safe, make a fun DIY fabric mask.

Good Housekeeping has the tutorial.

The Best Mom Trophy

You can cover a small plastic trophy in pink spray paint. Let it dry before you glue on a sign stating “Best Mom” and then fill the trophy with flowers. You are a total winner!

Printable Coupon Book

Although a coupon book to celebrate Mother’s Day may not be the most original idea, it’s still a timeless classic! This printable is great for kids who love to cut and paste.

Skip to My Lou has the printable

Party Animal Hats

Mother’s Day is a celebration so everyone needs party caps. Make the cones using craft paper and our template. Attach feathers to your wings and floral wire to your whiskers. Finally, create bunny ears from felt and paper.


You can do scrapbooking with your kids all year. Make a book with your whole family featuring photos from holidays, vacations, and dress-up times for Mother’s Day.

Raffia Bag

This craft will help you create a fun summery raffia bag for your mom if she is a purse lover.

Learn how to make a Raffia Bag.

Patterned Tray

This tray with delicate patterns is the ideal way to offer Mom a delicious breakfast in bed.

Learn the Patterned Tray Tutorial.

Painted Rock

This adorable decorated rock will take your idea of a pet rock to a whole new level. To celebrate the holiday, you can paint it with a message for mom.

Country Living has the tutorial.

Pom Pom Bouquet

To make a cute bouquet of pom-pom flowers, all you need is yarn, ribbon and pipe cleaners.

Country Living has the tutorial.

Lanyard Keychain

Make a cute tassel keychain or woven lanyard with your summer camp crafting skills. There are many great YouTube tutorials.

Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet

This sugar cookie recipe makes it easy and is fun to decorate for mom.

Get the Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet recipe.

Mother’s Day Vases

For Mother’s Day, make a vase! Tissue paper folded in half, affix to a glass with double-sided tape. Wrap with twine and add flowers.

Photo Placecard

Print a sweet photo of your mom and attach it to card stock. Finally, add a ribbon.

Hand-Painted boxes

These colorful boxes will be a hit with moms.

1. Lightly sand and polish the lids and boxes. Prime the pieces with gesso and then apply two coats acrylic paint in the colors you choose. Let them dry completely between coats.

2. Return the lids to their boxes. Mark a 1/4 inch border around the edges of each box using painter’s tape. Apply acrylic paint to each side, and then tape it off while the paint is still damp.

3. After drying, take off the lids and apply a coat with spray lacquer. Allow to dry completely before applying a second coat of spray lacquer for a high shine finish.

Watercolor Planters

You can create a marble effect with old terracotta containers and leftover nail polish.

  • Waterborne bonding primer
  • Acrylic paint in white
  • Plastic tub or bucket

1. Apply primer to the pot’s exterior and inner rim. After the primer is dry, paint two to three coats on the pot. Between coats, let it dry completely.

2. To fully submerge the pot, fill a bucket with room temperature water. To create a thin film, drizzle 1/4 of the nail polish onto the water. Use a skewer immediately to swirl the polish. Next, dip the pot in the bucket at an angle to allow the polish to stick to the surface.

3. Let the water run off the pot by taking it out of the bucket. Place the pot upside-down on your work surface and let it dry. Turn it upside down and place a flowering or leafy houseplant inside.

4. To weatherproof your pot, apply Thompson’s Aerosol Water Seal. This will protect it from the elements.

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