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13 Kid-Friendly Ideas For A Fall Harvest Party

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You can transform your backyard with cardboard, construction paper and other household items into a magical fall forest full of surprises and secrets. It takes a little creativity and hocus-pocus.

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Caramel Apple Bar

Make your own fall dessert station by cutting up apples and placing them on lollipop stick. The guests can dip the apples in homemade caramel sauce, then add nuts, mini marshmallows and candy pieces to finish.

Craftberry Bush has the tutorial.

Pumpkin Party Favors

Orange frosting can be used to cover Oreo cookies and make a delicious pumpkin treat!

Learn more at Two Daloo.

Into the Woods

A rustic table placed under trees can double as a creative space and dining area. A kraft paper tablecloth will help you prepare for Halloween crafts. A leafy garland suspended overhead will dress up the place for lunch.

Learn the tutorial.

Fly Girls

Here’s a secret: These cute costumes can be made without sewing. Two pieces of cardboard, ribbon, and some fabric scraps can transform a couple of girls into a Butterfly or Young Bird.

Sit a Spell

The enchanted forest is a different place. Sometimes pumpkin chooses you! Place a Leaf Placecard at each seat, so guests know where to go. You can make personal candy dishes from small terra-cotta pots by covering the hole at the bottom with tape.

Natural Selection

You can create a sylvan centerpiece simply by placing birch bark disks, mini pumpkins, and gourds around small bowls of candy or buckets of crayons. You can place small arrangements in intervals or run the length of your table continuously, making sure you vary the height. Who invited the mice to dinner?

Wild Things

The animals living in these woods aren’t fierce, but they can get quite silly. Little bears even get a sugar rush from all the honey. The Deer and Bear costumes have antlers and ears made of cardboard.

Hide and Seek

Keep children busy looking for sweet treats. You can hide a number of Scavenger Hunt Clues underneath pumpkins around your yard. This will give you a treasure trove full of small toys and games. Everyone gets something, but the first to find the loot wins.

Branch out

You don’t have to wear an animal costume. Instead, you can dress up as a forest dweller. Make leaves from paper or purchase fall foliage at a craft store. Add a small birdhouse to the disguise (either make one yourself or buy one), and a bird’s nest cap.

Arch Marks the Spot

A leafy Woodland Party Entry welcomes guests. A mix of piles of pumpkins, a few autumn leaves, and some cobwebs create a scene that’s part Mother Goose and part Brothers Grimm.

Short Cuts

This creative way to carve jack-o-lanterns eliminates the need for sharp knives. To make mini pumpkin faces, cut out the eyes and mouths from magazines.

Whoooo’s Next?

Have fun with a paper-carboard owl pinata. Be ready to grab all the goodies if they fall. Mother Bird can be there to make sure everyone gets their turn.

Tail Spin

This Halloween version of the party game will not cause any animal harm. Add some leaves and wrap some wire with green felt. Then, guests can play Pin the Stem on the pumpkin.

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