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10+ Birthday Ideas for Kids That Will Make Your Inner Party Animal Come Out

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Birthdays are always fun, no matter what age. But there is something special about the joy that kids feel when they think about their big day. It’s almost palpable to feel the excitement build as they count down to their big day. These unique ideas and themes for kids’ birthday parties will make this year’s celebration unforgettable.

Make some s’mores, get out the sleeping bags and host a camping-themed birthday party in your backyard. Or go all out with a princess spa day that pampers both the birthday girl as well as her guests. These fun themes include food, games and gear that will make your child’s birthday memorable.

Party with Pancakes and Pajamas

Who wouldn’t love to go to a party wearing their pajamas? Make your pancakes personal by letting the kids decorate them with various add-ins such as blueberries, strawberries, and chocolate chips. A heaping tablespoon of butter, some syrup and whipped cream are all good options to top off your fresh stack.

Ice Cream Social

This frozen sweet treat is always a great choice when in doubt. You can go all out by creating your own sundae bars, ice cream-shaped cookies, and chocolate.

Mermaid Party

Ariel would love to attend this party and she’d even give up her voice.

Vintage Car Party

This race car theme will keep you entertained all day with its chocolate donut “spare tire” and cupcakes decorated with vintage car cakes.

Disney Party

If in doubt, choose Mickey Mouse. You can decorate your own Mickey Mouse face and take it home with you.

Pirate Party

There are so many sweet treats and treasures to find at this party! Enjoy Caribbean punch while you sip. Follow the map to locate the treasure. You will also have goody bags filled with loot for your pirate partygoers.

Shark Party

These sharks can be swam with by kids without them having to venture out into the deep sea. Blue canopies with cutouts from sharks or other marine life are hung to give the illusion that the children are “swimming under water.” To make it truly ocean-themed, serve shell-shaped pasta with shrimp and fish sticks.

Pokemon Party

If your children are older, this is the perfect party idea. You can play rounds of Pokemon Go, and then keep track to award prizes. Let the children trade playing cards and then let them dig into cupcakes featuring their favorite Pokemon characters.

Pretty in Pink Princess

This posh party is for the child who loves all things glamorous. You can let your guests pick from a variety of princess dresses and pamper them with a hair- and nail salon. After they have gotten all glammed up they will be ready to enjoy dinner and dessert as if they were a princess or a prince.

Zoo Party

This zoo-themed birthday party is not scary. You can use large cutouts to create fun backgrounds for photos. Make sure to provide safari hats for your children to wear as they explore the various activities.

Bubble Party

Even a simple bubble can be a great party theme. Bubble wands and bubble wrap are great party ideas for kids and adults alike.

Unter the Sea

This aquatic theme will take you to the deep blue sea. You can hang netting on the walls, pin photos of the birthday boy/girl throughout the years, or have a sand art station for everyone to take home a piece from the beach.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way to have fun. There are many activities, including swimming, arts, and crafts. It’s a great birthday theme, as there are so many options. Make “summer camp” tees, create an arts and craft table for party guests to make fun projects, and host a DIY hotdog roasting and s’mores bar.

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