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10+ Art Activities for Kids who Want to Express Their Artist Self

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It’s great to have fun activities for your child to do, even if it’s bad weather. We’ve collected a few more arts and crafts ideas for kids. Often, the only options for arts and crafts are finger painting or decorating toilet paper rolls. These art activities are great for kids, from marble bookmarks to paper pinwheels.

Making art offers many benefits to children of all ages. While toddlers will learn the names and colors of shapes and words, older children will improve their creativity and decision-making skills. American for the Arts found that students who have been involved in the arts are four times more likely than those who are not to be recognized for their academic achievements. According to 72% of business leaders, creativity is their top skill when it comes to hiring. These arts activities will cure cabin fever. You can also use the finished product as a party favor, decoration, or gift. Don’t be concerned about mess. To keep fingerprints from your countertop or table, just cover them with newspaper or a dropcloth.

Pom-pom Bouquet

These adorably fluffy pom pom bouquets will bring the outdoors in even if you are stuck indoors.

Fabric covered paper weight

This rock-decorating craft will take the idea of a pet stone to the next level. Your kids will enjoy creating colorful masterpieces from gray stones, whether you use paint or a more sophisticated fabric technique.

Easy Art Projects for Kids: Splatter Paint and Tape Resist
Easy Art Projects for Kids: Splatter Paint and Tape Resist

Washi Tape Paper Plate

Washi tape has endless possibilities. Grab a plate of paper and stick it on. To prevent the tape from tearing, cover the plate with Mod Podge. Then use the plate to make a picture frame or wall decoration.

Raised Salt Painting

This art activity is for anyone who has ever worked with glitter and glue. Use glue to create a design and then sprinkle salt on top. Use a watercolor brush to gently touch one section. The color will travel in both directions through salt.

Art Activities for Kids: Styrofoam Patterns
Art Activities for Kids: Styrofoam Patterns

DIY Marbled Paper

Even for children, this artistic project is much easier than it seems. Use shaving cream to start, then add paint using eye droppers. You can lightly press the paper onto the top, and then scrape off any excess.

Watercolor paper pinwheel

These paper pinwheels can be used to decorate your child’s room or porch. Make simple accordions of paper first, then glue together many pieces to create the pinwheels. Next, let the kids paint as they please. You can add a touch of gold to give it a glamorous look.

Shadow Art for Kids The Best Ideas for Kids
Shadow Art for Kids The Best Ideas for Kids

Easy Tie Dye Art

Make art with baby wipes! You can use rubber bands to dip-dye baby wipes and other white fabric scraps in the same way you would dye a shirt. Each section will be colored with a different color. You’ll be amazed at the finished product when you remove the rubber bands.

Counting Caterpillar Craft

This educational craft is perfect for children. You can use a circle puncher or a labeler to cut out different colors. Then, help children attach them to each other with split pins.

Some ideas to make String Art projects with kids
Some ideas to make String Art projects with kids

Bookmarks made at home

This bookmark is a great gift idea for bibliophiles. Make a simple shape from plastic (an old plastic vinegar container works well). Then add color blocks with Sharpie markers. For a stunning stained-glass effect, carefully drop rubbing alcohol onto the color.


Your kids can choose the best photos from your recent trip and have them put them in a scrapbook. After printing the photos, glue them into the scrapbook. Then let your kids decorate the pages with stickers, markers and drawings.

Monsters from Paper Rolls

Repurpose toilet paper rolls to make little monsters! Wrap the rolls in colored paper, decorate them with eye stickers, and make squiggly faces.

Painting with Ice

Fill ice cube tray with water and add food coloring. Finally, freeze the tray overnight. Next day, cover the table with newspaper and let your kids use their ice brushes to paint!

Windsock Craft

This craft can be completed with just a few items you have at home. These include a can of Pringles and tin foil. Sharpies are also available. You can wrap the can in foil and make sure that it sticks to the can. Then, use sharpies to paint over the foil.

Marble Painting

This marble painting will make the most of all those marbles you have been collecting. To create marbled art, just dip them in paint. Then let your kids play with them by rolling them around in cardboard boxes.

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